About TCY

Money is an inanimate object that can provide for our basic necessities and with the right combination of strategy and fortitude, can be further utilized to build individual wealth. Unfortunately, for many of us, personal finance has not been absorbed in a meaningful way and we carry the full weight of our emotional baggage in our pocketbook; both of which prevent us from ever reaching financial independence.

We will help you understand your past money traps and teach you the steps to break the cycle and become financially independent. We believe in simplicity and step-by-step instruction on an exquisite platform. Truly, ANYONE can learn and apply these principles successfully. We have a unique approach to financial education for women; humility, brevity, and relevance. We believe in honesty over profitability. We believe that helping others is the only way to a profitable venture and it is our mission.

Collaborations and affiliations are a necessity but we will never promote a product or service we aren’t already using and we will always tell you when those relationships benefit TCY financially. Philanthropy and giving back is at the center of our mission and we focus on organizations who support women, sex trafficking, and other causes that seek to further the health and wellbeing of women around the world.

Whether you are starting with debt or from a place of financial strength, there is always something new to learn. We will help you learn the basics of personal finance, level up from the basics to the master class, and change your life forever.

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