YesWoman earned a degree in International Business and Financial Services Management. She spent 10 years serving clients in industries such as education, manufacturing, real estate, fashion, entertainment, finance, and more. She has investment experience in real estate, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, 401k, IRA (ROTH and Traditional), HSA, bonds, and gold. She has experience travel hacking, house hacking, credit card hacking, and life hacking. She spends lavishly on the things that bring her joy while cutting ruthlessly on the things that do not.

As a personal finance educator, YesWoman’s proof of expertise manifests in her own family’s personal finance story. In less than 10 years they paid off $150,000 in student loan, auto, and credit card debt. They then went from two full-time incomes to one with an aggressive plan to build wealth. Since that time, they have amassed a net worth larger than they ever dreamed, allowing them to live a life of purpose and intention.

Utilizing her training, education and resourcefulness; YesWoman was able to structure and build a life for her family that now enables her to choose the school where their children are educated, enjoy more weeks of travel then she ever thought possible, and live a life according to her value system. She has a simple, automated system in place in order to achieve her long term goals. Life does not follow a straight path but having a plan lays the groundwork to re-center when we go off-track.

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