My Money Story

I’d had it. I didn’t signup for a run of the mill life. I left my son at daycare with a pit in my stomach for the last time. I went home, wrote a plan to get out from under $150k of debt and braced myself. That was 10 years ago.

I never planned on being a domestic diva. I was raised by an entrepreneurial single mother and as a child, I envisioned myself in a corner office on Wall Street. But when my son was born, the world shifted on it’s axis and suddenly it felt impossible to say that morning goodbye, watching someone else raise him.

So, I did it. I presented a plan that my husband could not refuse and I dropped the hammer on the life we had constructed. I quit my job, we went to one-income, bought a home, and had a second child, a beautiful daughter.

Since then, our income has more than doubled, we have built a 7-figure net worth, and we have learned a secret formula (a simple math equation) that guarantees an end to the rat-race and a beautiful beginning to a life of freedom.

Now, I’m on a mission to share that formula, The FRēTIRED Method™️, to teach you how to build a life of FReeDOM so that you can ReTIRE to the life of your dreams.

I have a degree in International Business and Financial Services Management and have served clients in education, manufacturing, real estate, fashion, entertainment, finance, and other industries.

I have investment experience in real estate, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, 401k, IRA (ROTH and Traditional), HSA, bonds, and commodities.

I travel hack, credit card hack, life hack, and house hack. I spend lavishly on the things that bring me joy and cut ruthlessly on the things that do not.

I have a system guaranteed to radically change your finances. The FRēTIRED Method™️ will help you understand your money traps, teach you the principles of wealth building, and enable you to FRēTIRE to the life of your dreams.

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